Momentum Sounds have partnered with Revival Records.

This mighty collective of upcoming and seasoned talents have carefully crafted an entirely new music experience by paying homage to the world’s greatest songwriters while showcasing an immersive gospel-infused elevating experience. Their first release ‘Earth Song: What About Us’ was one of the hottest dance records of 2022, and their follow-up singles ‘Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher’ and ‘Freedom’ was one of the Top Ten most-played records on UK radio. You will hear an entirely new sonic soundscape with songs you already know and love but have never heard revived like this before from a line-up of powerhouse world class vocalists.

Come and see our second live show in Crans Montana on Saturday 3rd February at Club d’Altitude, Cry d’Er.

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Meet the DJs
DJ James Haskell

Ex England Rugby International yes BUT James’ true passion is DJ’ing and production . He has been playing out for the last 7 years and has played and headlined at some amazing venues, including in front of crowds numbering 5 thousand people.

DJ Niko

Niko has played for big names at big events all over the world; for Martini at the Monaco Grand Prix, for Porsche at the Geneva Motor Show, for Tag Heuer at the Basel Watch Fair and at both the Winter and Summer Olympics. His versatility and his ability to read the crowd, has also earned him residencies in the party capitals of Verbier and Ibiza.

DJ Ibba

Our house DJ. Anyone who has been to Courmayeur at some of its iconic night clubs or any of our alpine events in Verbier, St Moritz, Crans- Montana and beyond would have heard the IBBA sound, with his great blend of the best 70s and 80s music.

D Jamin

Whilst running Momentum Ski has been Amin’s day job, his real passion has been music, creating unforgettable events and parties in the alps by using his musical knowledge and ecletic taste to set the mood with a blend of 70 disco, soul, funk rooted material with rare underground 70s and 80s sounds or going off piste with his anthemic 70s rock, Blue Note jazz, fresh funk and syrupy soul.

Mousse T

Revival Collective

Mousse T., a pivotal figure in Germany’s music scene for 30 years, blends his musical prowess into hits and underground tracks alike. He has collaborated with icons like Roy Ayers and Bootsy Collins and founded Peppermint Jam Records in 1993, known for its uplifting house and acid jazz. Celebrated for ’90s classics such as ‘Horny’ and ‘Sex Bomb’, and his latest, ‘Where Is The Love’,

Mousse T. has earned both commercial success and critical acclaim, including a Grammy nomination and an Ivor-Novello Award. As a judge on Germany’s Got Talent and a regular in clubs from Ibiza to LA, his performances ensure an unforgettable experience.

DJ Minnaahoneyy

Revival Collective

MiNNA, energizing London’s dance floors, masterfully mixes 70s disco, Old School House, and a diverse range of Vocal and Dance tunes. Influenced by the 90s Chicago/Detroit music scene since she was 12, she blends fresh tracks with timeless classics.

Making her mark in the clubbing world, MiNNA has performed for Glitterbox, Appetite, Elrow, and at notable venues like The Cause and KOKO, as well as at events like Notting Hill Carnival and Houghton Festival. Known for her vibrant sets alongside icons like Masters At Work and Armand Van Helden, she unites crowds with her dynamic, eclectic music.

Soul Avengers

Revival Collective

Soul Avengerz, a mainstay in the London house scene for over 30 years, exemplify the journey from seasoned DJs to acclaimed producers. Their deep understanding of what electrifies a dance floor, gained from extensive DJ experience, has been seamlessly translated into their production work, resulting in unparalleled peak-time floor fillers.

Their impressive production profile rapidly drew attention from major labels like CR2, Positiva, and Ministry of Sound, leading to remixes for icons such as Marshall Jefferson, Axwell, and Beyonce. The Soul Avengerz’s unique sound, from the anthemic funk of ‘Love You Feel’ to their signature remixes, resonates on dance floors worldwide, creating unifying moments for party-goers with their dynamic, spirited selections.

See the testimonials for yourself

Amin is the rhythmic equivalent of the Enterprise, enter and you will travel through a universe of great tracks that span the milky way of musical stars and styles, where no man has ever gone before. He has an uncanny ability to play the tunes that you want to hear but never realised until he spins those decks.

Tune into Aminland; you won’t be disappointed.

Heston Blumenthal

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"There are few people I can think of who love their music quite as much as Amin. If you want uplifting enthusiastic music, he's your man. If you want that chilled moment, he's your man. If you want love music, Amin will bathe the air in warm vibes. A man for all seasonings. Amin is the music man.

And as for events we all have a tune that fits. For that bespoke entrance for a celebrated guest or award winner, Amin Momen also brings out the 'inner you'. Be proud! Be bold! Be the person you always wanted to be!"

Damon Hill

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"Amin has impeccable taste in music. His music history knowledge is vast because he is a true music lover...

But knowing what to play and when - THAT is his real skill. Amin reads the room and seems to know instantly what it needs. Your sessions are AWSOME”

Marcus Brigstocke

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"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Amin’s DJ’ing skills from the snowy slopes of the Italian Alps to his basement lair in London and this is a man who clearly loves his work. If he wasn’t such a good skier I would say he was in the wrong profession!”

Frank Gardner

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"Amin's knowledge of music really shines through when he is DJing. He'll lay down a little heard acid jazz track that just sounds perfect and doesn't just rely on hackneyed crowdpleasers.
He has an eclectic taste too - anthemic 70s rock, Blue Note jazz, fresh funk and syrupy soul. And a lovely bloke too."

Mark Frary

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Amin's musical knowledge is encyclopedic. Ever since I met him in the Italian Alps, nearly 20 years ago, we've been talking about his favourite riffs, guitarists and concerts: and I've been delighted to see him sharing them in live Lockdown sessions over the last couple of months, across a wide range of genres. It's been an inspiration.

Sean Newsom - Sunday Times

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“The guy has been a social and music legend in the ski world for many years, and now his online ‘Aperitevo Sessions’ in lockdown have passed into cult status with all sorts of famous people tuning in week after week as Amin spun the best tunes around. And I hasten to add plenty of non-famous people too (me).
From rock, disco, soul, funk and any other genre you care to mention he is THE man to get us dancing or setting the mood.
Legend is an over-used word but Mr Momen is. I have a significant birthday coming soon I know who I want to spin the tunes.
Thank you for the music Amin – We Love Ya!"

James Cove

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It was great to celebrate the opening of our new office in Holborn with the Swiss Ambassabor and fabulous to have the best DJ Amin Momen turning the tables.

Alex Hermann – Director Switzerland Tourism

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Thank you for organising an exciting media launch dinner at Trivet restaurant. Many thanks to DJ Amin Momen for smooth ambience.

Pierre Henri Mainetti – Sales Manager Crans Montana Tourism

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I started listening to Amin while I was in hospital in April 2020 with COVID-19. His unique charm and humour along with a eclectic mix of music was a pleasure to listen to, also my new friends on the ward in particular “Chris the Copper” enjoyed the “Lock Down sessions” although we had to listen through our head phones!!!, I can honestly say that listening to Amin helped me through a very trying time during this strange year.

Covid Ward – Bournemouth General Hospital

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