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May 20, 2011

If you had to chose one car for the rest of your life?

You might have noticed that if you ever travel to Geneva at the end of February, it is busy and it’s virtually impossible to find a space in the airport car park, even in mid-week. Don’t worry, you’re not going bonkers; you’ve simply fallen victim to the Geneva Motor Show. If you’re a petrolhead, you’ve almost certainly heard of it – as far as the automotive industry is concerned, it’s the most important show on earth. Why? Because the Swiss don’t produce cars, making them – as tradition dictates – a neutral location. Instead of domestic manufacturers dominating the trade show, each has equal representation, allowing for a level playing field where everybody wins.

Every year, we at Momentum Ski head to Geneva to look after a special group of elite UK media guests on behalf of Ford – probably the most dynamic manufacturer in the business when it comes to marketing and PR. It is the intention at Ford these days to be seen alongside BMW in terms of performance, handling, fit and finish, rather than just another Vauxhall or Peugeot, so it’s really no wonder that no expense is spared when it comes to media relations. That’s where we come in. Before the Geneva Motor Show gets underway, Ford invites a select handful of the key motoring journalists to the Alps, with logistics handled by Momentum Ski.

So why the mountains before the show?

The mountains give Ford management a unique chance to get to know their most important journalists in an environment that takes everybody away from the stresses and pressures of their daily life. The scenery, skiing and first-class hospitality of a Momentum trip, along with a good balance of informality, ensures a unique experience for all those involved – which is something we try to achieve with all the corporate ski trips we run.

Now if you really like cars, then read the rest below…

Whenever I am with clients, I am always asked the self-same question: what is my favourite ski resort? I never get tired of answering, such is my passion for the mountains, but it did get me to thinking: what if the boot were on the other foot? So it was – after numerous requests from those of you that watch Top Gear, 5th Gear or occasionally read car magazines – that I decided to pop the question to the elite selection of motoring journalists in my company.

If you could only have one car for the rest of your life, what would it be? Bear in mind I asked this question at about 2am in a nightclub.

And here are the results…

  • Chas Hallett, Autocar: Mercedes Estate E Class
  • Richard Bremner, Inside Line US: Porsche 911
  • James Woodroffe, Producer of 5th Gear: Fiat Panda 4×4 Sisley
  • Top Gear: Shall remain nameless, Range Rover Diesel TDV8
  • Sam Hardy, Auto Express: 1977 Pontiac Transam
  • Jonny Smith, Sunday Times & 5th Gear presenter: Ford Granada MK1 3litre
  • John Mahoney: Editor of Mazda Zoom Zoom Magazine!  Porsche 993 RS
  • Guy Bird, Wallpaper: Nissan Cube MKII
  • Jay Nagley, Redspy.Journalist & Automotive Cosultant: Ford Focus RS

And little old me? I am going to chose two cars. After all I am writing this blog 🙂

  • If I was on my way to pick up Jackie Kennedy or Keira Knightley for dinner? A 1965 Pontiac GTO
  • To show off at the school gates? A 1967 Maserati Sebring
Amin Momen

Amin Momen