Why You Should Consider Getting Married In The Alps

August 26, 2019

We’re currently in the midst of wedding season, which got us thinking about the often under-considered option of getting married in the Alps.

Personally, I’m quite surprised that, despite a lot of my friends being skiers, I haven’t heard of any of them planning an Alpine wedding. And I’m even more surprised I didn’t consider it myself. (Although my husband doesn’t quite have the same love for skiing that I do, so that could explain it!)

So, with Momentum Ski having organised a handful of weddings in Italy over the years (including one of the founder’s own wedding in Courmayeur many moons ago!), we thought we’d round up 8 reasons why you should definitely consider it.


1. The Alps are Stunning Year-Round

Whether you go in the summer or winter, your guests are guaranteed to be impressed with the scenery and the mountains will provide an incredible backdrop to your wedding photos.

Despite having skied my whole life, I still can’t get enough of how beautiful the mountains are.


2. Off the Beaten Wedding Path

Most people reading this will likely have been to a destination wedding on the coast or perhaps in the stunning Italian countryside or a French Chateau. But how many of you have been to a wedding in the Alps?

With flights into Geneva from all over the world, getting there couldn’t be easier as far as celebrations abroad go. What’s more, we can remove all the hassle and book group flights for your whole wedding party! Plan your trip here


3. Venue Options are Limitless

Whether you want a lakeside wedding, a tiny chapel, a hotel garden with a marquee, a mountain restaurant with a terrace or even a ski slope as your venue; the choices are endless, regardless of party size.

Plus, you’ll be sorted for guest accommodation with most ski resorts offering a whole host of options, from small, private chalets to huge 5* hotels. Just don’t forget to pre-heat the church if you decide to use one!

Did you watch the video above? I think I need to consider renewing my vows in the mountains! Now if I can just persuade my husband…


4. Less Stress, Whatever the Season

If you opt for a wedding in the Alps during the summer months, you’re far more likely to secure a venue at short notice, with UK wedding venues booking up years in advance.

On the flip side, a winter wedding in the Alps takes all the stress out of the weather. It’s guaranteed to be cold and if it snows, even better!

If you do opt for the latter though, it’s worth investing in wedding insurance that covers snow-related issues and be sure to consider all the transport logistics between venues (or do everything in one venue to minimise any potential dilemmas here!).


5. Make an Entrance

Getting married in the Alps extends your wedding transport options way past the typical posh car. How about arriving by a horse-drawn sleigh, skiing down the aisle, or for the really adventurous, paragliding into the ceremony?


6. More Wedding, Less Christmas

If you want a Winter wedding without overloading on festive décor, the snowy scenery will provide the perfect setting without overdoing it.

Then it’s up to you whether you want to choose a minimalist, modern theme, or take advantage of the mountainous setting and make the venue super cosy with firepits, mulled wine & sheepskins galore.


7. Alpine Fare is Delicious

You can scrap the traditional English 3-course wedding dinner and opt for a simple sharing cheese fondue, or try a multi-course Italian banquet, all paired with excellent local wines. Serve Génépi or Grappa for the toasts at your peril!


8. Combine Your Wedding & Honeymoon

If you are thinking about a longer ski holiday for your honeymoon, or even a sunny trip to Lake Como, Venice, Tuscany or the South of France, you don’t have to worry about getting there.

Plus, the Alps are a great jumping-off point for any guests who want to extend their trip too.


Excited to start planning?

If we’ve convinced you about the location but you’re not sure where to start planning getting married in the Alps, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We can help with everything from venue selection through to on-the-day coordination, as well as any ceremony-related admin for the local registry offices, including translation of foreign documents.

With a whole events team available to help you plan your dream Alpine wedding, from start to finish, all that’s left is to say I do!

Leave a comment and let us know, what is your dream wedding location?

Heidi Savitt

Heidi Savitt

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